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about me 

If you're interested in my technical background, here's my resume. Otherwise …

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but now I live in California. As an adult I moved from Hawaii to the San Francisco Bay area in 1978 and have lived here in various parts of the South Bay and Peninsula, except for two short-term remote job assignments in New Mexico.

While in New Mexico I gained an appreciation for the local version of Mexican-American food, especially sopaipillas.

After working for Lockheed-Martin for 20 years, I dove into the dot-com boom of 1999, surfacing in a startup named Telocity, which was later bought by DirecTV to be their high-speed DSL ISP. After DirecTV shut us down and laid off everyone in 2003, I did some part-time and contracting work. I explored the idea of switching careers to a medical field, but came back to web programming in 2006.

I enjoy daydreaming about building loudspeaker enclosures, although recently I've been daydreaming about buying and modifying a pair of Ephiphone Valve Junior Tube Amp Heads in a stereo guitar amp setup. Despite having very poor technique on the guitar - I mostly like to noodle about.

Occasionally, I do the rare dj gig based on my eclectic and retro music collection. I have been on staff for events ranging from small dance parties to large political fundraisers.

My general interests include science & technology, politics, religion, art and music. I've taken some art classes, and they've been a benefit to my life in many ways. Of major benefit was the fact that I met my wife Mary that way!

I also enjoy cooking, and reading the occasional science fiction or fantasy novel. Sometimes I'm lucky and even a home improvement chore will become enjoyable.

May, 2007